Interface components development of XARUS radio communication system

# 2018 - 2019

# Design

Elcom+ company is the international company, specializing in introduction of complex projects in the field of technological communication and automation systems (ACS TS). It has been working and actively developing in the market for more than 20 years. The main products are SmartPTT and XARUS - technically complex radio communication systems with a large amount of functionality.


To design interface elements for XARUS software users. With the help of this software, users can communicate with the radios connected to the system, find out information about their location, as well as redirect the radios to each other.


Xarus - visualization of the solution of the problem

Colour scheme

We proposed a dark color theme of the layout. This solution is often utilized in interfaces of programs users of which need to work with them during long periods of time. The dark theme does not strain the eyes, and its elements can be easily read, if they are made contrasting to the background colour.

Xarus - colour scheme

For the most important elements, such as action buttons, active states and notifications contrast, bright colors were selected.

Xarus - colour scheme


The style is quite conservative and moderate. The development focuses on the users’ technical specialization. Nothing should distract and interfere with doing the job.

Xarus - layout
Xarus - layout
Xarus - layout

Designers have drawn the states of all the necessary elements: modal windows, icons and buttons. For icons the most well-established pictorial images which are read from the half-view were selected.

Xarus - statuses of elements
Xarus - statuses of elements

During the project work, all the interface details were carefully created, and specialists’ comments on functionality were taken into account.

Xarus - statuses of elements
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