Tomsk. Vodokanal

Interface of the personal account for collection of water supply and sewerage service provision applications

# 2017

# Design # Development

The leading enterprise of Tomsk (Russia) in the sphere of providing subscribers with high-quality services in water supply and sewerage.


To develop the interface of a small-scale personal account for users who have applied for the technical specifications (TS) issuance of water supply and sewerage provision.


Our team has developed an easy to use personal account with simple functionality. The interface style is light and laconic, and is a perfectly match to the corporate style of the company.

Sign in and sign up

The sign up and sign in forms look modern. Sign up is based on filling in of a standard form and gives access to all the functionality of the website.

Tomsk.Vodokanal - sign in
Tomsk.Vodokanal - sign in


After signing up, the user can leave a request for services’ provision. Everything is simple and accessible. The user gives a short description for the application and attaches basic documents that will be required for its consideration. The completed application form contains: application number, date of applying, attached documents and status. In addition, the application can be edited or deleted.

Tomsk.Vodokanal - sign in
Tomsk.Vodokanal - sign in

Each application has a status. Depending on the status, the form is graphically highlighted in different ways. We have made several types of application’s highlighting. Viewing types are: a list and tiles. The user decides which option to choose.

Tomsk.Vodokanal - list
Tomsk.Vodokanal - bar

The status history is displayed inside the form. So the user sees at what stage of consideration his application is, and, if need arises, will be able to supplement or replace the documents.

Tomsk.Vodokanal - sample request
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